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welcome to wingwomen
welcome to the world of uswingwomen
What Every Man Already Knows:

I had never been one to have a great deal of trouble meeting women, but like most guys I found it frustrating as to how much effort was necessary to approach and meet women.  I would go out a couple nights a week and spend a ton of money on drinks for myself and often for the girls only to have it pan out every once and a while.  Life as a single was frustrating and it was just too expensive and inconsistent for my liking.

In the summer of 2002 I started spending a lot of time with my two friends Amber and Katie.  They are both attractive girls with great personalities.  In the past, I was hesitant to go out with them because I thought they would hurt my chances of meeting women.  I always thought "How could I meet women, if I was already hanging out with other women"? Then the first night I hit some bars with them I was having such good time I didn't even care about meeting any other women.  As the night moved along, I ended up meeting five girls, Amber introduced me to two of them and the other three actually approached me.  The girls could see how much fun we were having and wanted to be a part of it.  I wound up going home with two phone numbers that night.

Over next couple of months, I went out with Amber and Katie frequently.  Each time I was out with them I wound up meeting other women.  Then I started telling my guy friends about this and they were begging me to let them join the fun.  So, I started letting some of them tag along with us and they were having the same success as me-- the phone numbers were rolling in.  This got me thinking about all the guys out there that would enjoy and benefit from such a service and UsWingwomen.com was born.

Why this would work? In this day and age an outing to any social event is regarded as a potential meat market. Most women have gained a keen sense of most efforts that men make to corner their target. As formidable of a game plan that a wing man is, it has come to our attention that there is always going to be one disgruntled member of the party that wishes that a strobe light would somehow intercept for a clean getaway with no hard feelings. Now imagine yourself with one of our Wing Women. While you are in her company, she will be:

  - Initiating conversations.
Making sure women notice the person's she is with.
  - Introducing and Ice breaking you to other women
You will notice how easy it is to see if any woman in the bar gauges more than your attention. You will be making the choices, socializing, meeting more women then you ever did as a "player hater".
  - Creating an Image
Our ladies are all apt at the art of socialization. Other wonderful women will not only notice your company and you, but be drawn to meeting and greeting you as well.

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