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welcome to Wing Women
welcome to the world of uswingwomen
Additional Information:

What is UsWingWomen.com?

UsWingwomen.com is a revolutionary service for men who want to meet women.  Every guy out there knows that it is much easier to meet women when you're around other women. Here at UsWingwomen.com we are able to provide you with those women.

At UsWingwomen.com we provide "Wing Women" to help you have a good time and more importantly to assist you in pick up those girls who always seem to slip through your fingers.  We've all been there, out with one of your buddies standing against a wall watching everyone else have fun and meet women.  Well now you can be one of those guys who are having fun and meeting women.

Advantages to having a "Wing Woman"

In the game of meeting women, it is understood that in most cases, it's the man who does all the work. Unfortunately, women have not made it any easier for men to approach them. As a result, men have learned to work together in order to increase their success rate. The solution to the male dilemma is the "Wing Man" pickup strategy, which usually has some level of success. But some women have learned to recognize the "pack" mentality and have developed reactive strategies to counteract the wingman's pickup mission. The guy's response to such female defenses is the Wing Woman.  Its an amazing union that if properly applied has a 65% conversion rate. Surprised? Well you shouldn't be, and here's why the wing woman approach is so effective:

  -Domino Affect
Women are attracted to men who have women around them more so then men who have other men around them.
  -Limited Resources
Women want what they can't have.
  -Let The Games Begin
Women are very jealous and love to compete with one another.
Women tend to lower their defenses around men who have other women around them. Most women tend to see these men as having a seal of approval and being less hostile.

What does it cost me to get a Wing Woman?

Our Wing Women rates are $50 per hour.  That is a flat fee, there is no tipping because our Wing Women will not accept tips.  So don't even bother trying to give them extra money.  Sure it would be nice if you bought them drinks over the course of your time together, but that is not mandatory.  What is mandatory, is that your Wing Woman makes every attempt to introduce you to the women you desire to meet.  If you require more than one Wing Woman, each additional Wing Woman is $40 per hour.


What we provide at UsWingWomen.com is an attractive, outgoing and fun spirited Wing Woman who will do her best to introduce you to other women.  Nothing in life is certain, so we cannot guarantee that when your time with your Wing Woman is up that you will have gotten any phone numbers or had extreme success meeting women.  But we do provide some measure of a guarantee, if after the first 25 minutes of your time with your Wing Woman you are not satisfied, you will be refunded the full amount of your payment.

Safety Measures

To make sure our Wing Women are as safe as possible all meetings will occur in public places (bars, clubs, lounges, etc.).  Your Wing Woman will not go into a place where she does not feel 100% safe.  Do not ask your Wing Woman to accompany you to your apartment or anyone else's apartment because she will refuse.  If you act inappropriately with your Wing Woman, your time with her is over and you will not be refunded your payment.

Do I get to select my "Wing Woman"?

We can assure you that all of our Wing Women are very good-looking and extremely personable.  Should you have any preferences as to the type of Wing Woman that can best help you meet other women, we will take them into account in selecting the ideal Wing Woman for your evening.  If you are unhappy with the Wing Woman selected for you, we offer a full refund as long as we are notified within the first 25 minutes.

Can I see a picture prior to our date?

Of course you can.  Once you have booked time with a Wing Women we will be glad to email more information about your Wing Woman as well as her picture.

Our recomendations for you night out:

  - Tell Her What you like
Do be social, and let your Wing Women know exactly what you like and dislike in other women.
  - Show Her What you like
Do point out women that you find attractive, and would like to meet.
  - Be a good host
Do be a great host for your Wing Women. Please act as a gentleman would. Not only does this help socially, but helps encourage your Wing Women throughout the night.
  - Be a Cautious Drinker
Drinking is allowed for Wing Women, but please be responsible in drinking (no one likes a belligerent drunk).
  - Stay in Public Places
Do meet in public places. (Lounges, Clubs, Bars), Wing Women will not escort you to a place she doesn't feel is a hundred percent safe.
  - No Tipping
Do not tip your Wing Women. She is not allowed to accept any tips, no matter successful your night out was.
  - Have Fun
Do have an amazing time on your night out and meet lots of women!

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to the time you have booked with your Wing Woman.

Our Guarantee

With the employment of our services you will be provided with a charming woman who is guaranteed to dazzle a room, and create the kind of buzz that leaves everyone wanting to meet you, specifically other dazzling women. If for any reason you are not satisfied within the first 25 minutes of your company with our Wing Women, we will refund the total cost of the service.

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